Disqus comments help

Does anyone know why Disqus gives this error?
Look for this sync.gif but can’t find it because access is denied…

On the net I have found other people trying to understand the reason for this error, even in the Disqus forum… but no one gets an answer.

It’s your key.

If I copy your URL and your key, and paste it into a browser, I get the 403:


But if I enter the URL with any other key, including ones I make up, the gif loads. It’s a mighty tiny one (1x1 pixel), so it doesn’t show on a screenshot, but the 403 goes away.

I think your key is too long, as just removing a few characters solves the 403. Was that key supplied by Disqus?


Thanks for your help,
I simply entered the Universal Embed Code Disqus, the link to the gif with the key is automatically generated.

I’ve noticed that other sites that have disqus comments also throw this error.

Is there maybe a better code I can embed in RW instead of the Universal Embed Code?

I deleted the current one (it was from 2014) and reset a new site in disqus.
The problem disappeared.

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