Do the EcwidPro stacks allow for Cart structure changes?

I’ve built a couple of Ecwid stores now in Rapidweaver and it’s handy when you want a simple way to edit and update your catalogue and a little CSS brings it in-line with with the design, but I’m wondering how far I can push the structure of the cart or checkout.

i.e. putting the card in a popup modal or a side panel. Or Creating a new cart that just shows the products, rather than pushing the products to the left-hand-side of the cart page and leaving all that space for email and checkout buttons.

I’m wondering what the EcwidPro stacks allow for in this regard? Or is it still about visual tweaks to looks and formatting?

Without hesitation I would recommend Axyn’s EcwidPro if you want to control the look and position of your Ecwid store elements.

I used it successfully on a multi-product store and @Ricardo was extremely helpful in tweaking his stacks to achieve what I was after.

Very responsive Axyn space here in RW4All… Axyn - RW4ALL — The RapidWeaver Developers' Collective Forum

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Thanks for the support and kind words @Geoff

Hi @TomJames,

The Axyn EcwidPro can help do a lot of styling the will allow you to customize the look and feel of Ecwid, but also it adds functionality, such as popups triggered by which page you land in Ecwid, adding custom fields, product layout, etc…

I have been working on a new version that will add a lot more customization to the checkout process, but it is still some months away.

Right now EcwidPro doesn’t display just the cart, but that’s a great idea, let me see if I can easily add this feature ASAP. I’ll ping you here once I have some news.

Meanwhile, please check out the EcwidPro product page and demos to get and idea of it can do.