Do you need to support IE11?

I am getting nearer to release of the first group of Core Design stacks and some of the MenuLab components and I really need to know whether IE 11 is still a priority for people.

  1. Do you need to have everything work in IE11?
  2. Are some rudimentary fallbacks sufficient?
  3. Are you not bothered at all?
  • What framework / theme are you using?

It seems to me that people are now used to not having IE11 support and just some fallbacks for colours and layout in places. Using modern CSS and JS brings new features and reduced code size but at the price of support for older browsers.

Please comment with at least 1, 2 or 3 and your framework(s).
More discussion is welcome.

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  1. Not bothered at all.
  • Uikit, Source, Foundry 2.

My view is that if you really need IE11 then you should use IE11 complaint stacks from the olden times such as Foundry or Foundation1, and forego the nice stuff such as Core. If adding some rudimentary fallbacks is not too much work then this would be a nice to have addition. Otherwise, not that bothered.

Users who still use IE11 or who are forced to use it by Win10 defaulting to IE11, wouldn’t know a correctly and well laid out web site, should they ever see one.


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Would it be worth making IE11 compatible Versions and charging a fee to reflect the extra work?

I wouldn’t bother for IE…
Foundation 6.

Regarding support of IE11: Not bothered at all. If some rudimentary fallbacks could very easily be implemented: nice. If not: also fine.
Regarding Framework: mainly Foundation 6, sometimes Uikit.

Oh boy…, soooo much looking forward to the Core Design and MenuLab stacks!! :-)

Thanks @wolf You were one of the people I was worried about, or rather your clients were :)

Fallbacks are already in place where it is appropriate and does not double up the code.


@Bazza I’d rather not - fallbacks and compatibility child stacks are my preferred option.

  1. All new clients are told why IE11 is not supported and none of them are bothered - nor am I.


  1. In the last year 1% of visits (74) were on IE.


I would check that all JavaScript parts are able to run on IE11 also.

Does someone have a nice browser warning for not using IE11?

@habitualshaker has one for Source. Pick your own text so you can be as nice, or as blunt, as you wish.

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At this point, I don’t think there’s a need to support IE11.

FWIW Elementor is dropping all IE11 support in v3 due any day now.

Good enough for Nick Cates is good enough for RW users then. :)

I still transpile all ES6 to ES5 automatically on build but of course the new observer methods and event handlers need cumbersome polyfills. Many of my stacks have an option to drop in a polyfill as a child stack if needed but I wanted to draw the line in the sand somewhere.


Who was that?

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Good news Andrew Tavenor, will be looking forward to that.

3I am also not bothered about IE11.

I am using foundation 1 &2, Source and Platform.

Kind Regards

Not bothered

Rudimentary fallbacks are fine. I’m using Foundry and Source.