Drawing ahead with Apple

Since all readers of this forum are using Macs exclusively or mainly or partly, I thought it would be interesting for you, guys, to read this thought-provoking blog post that I just got in my RSS feeds this Sunday morning.

One of my favorite Mac-centered blogs is written by an English Mac developer and all-around Mac expert Howard Oakley. The blog post includes author’s take on the future of AI as Apple might see it.

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Pretty much as I imagined — not much whelming going on there. It’s been too many years since there was a feature I felt it worth upgrading for, and my old Macbook works at the speed I work. I’d like to replace it at some point, but only because it’s getting old. Not because there is anything much in the new lineup(s) that gets me excited. I just hope Apple will be able to keep churning out Macs that have at least a decade’s worth of backwards compatibility. Because I suspect we’ll all be keeping them for longer, and needing them to keep going for longer too.


How’s that? I don’t doubt the wish—I would have liked, for example, that the batteries of my iPhone would have a longer life—but what do you think is the need to keep them longer?

Because, in this economy, they’re going to be too expensive to replace on a casual basis.


Duh 🙄 how dumb of me. I expected something more complicated (as if this economy isn’t complicated enough 😉 .