Dumbarse Poster Question: Display tags?

I can not for the life of me get tags to appear. I’m using the code in an HTML stack, but I’m sure there is a setting in Poster I need to turn on, but I can’t see it!

Help :-)

Found it!


phew… not just me then. Took me ages but seemed to appear once published for the first time.

Seeing as you are now the expert then ( :-P ), my tags display in a horizontal list. I can’t get them to display vertically.

Any suggestions?

They are under the “Designs” column at the page foot go my ties website.

Thank you


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Hi Tim,
Sorry, being on the road the next days. Will have a look as soon as possible.
Cheers Jannis

No worries… although of course coming back to it the next day I would off course find the setting I needed!

Archive Style
Multiple lines
Maybe its due to the theme I’m using but I don’t see tags/categories until I view the published site. Not a problem tho.
Thank you for helping magically in someway.


This is most probably happening because of JavaScript errors in preview (most probably generated by another Stack), which are not appearing in the published site.


Very nice shop you have build. I like it 😃

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Lovely simple site and perfect use of Poster.


I have to say that after using rapid weaver for years that this Poster stack is the most versatile and polished stack I have ever purchased (of the 250+ I have amassed since Stacks was first released). The only thing I had to use the manual for was “link poster top”. It’s taken all time consuming boring aspects away from the kind of websites I make for myself. If it didn’t mess with the google search results I’d happily rebuild a number of my older sites with it. Great work. Thank you


Thanks you so much Tim for your kind words. This means a lot to me 🤩

I looked at your site for inspiration - many thanks. It is very clean. FYI, most of the images in the list did not load for me (using Chrome on a Mac). Just in case you didn’t know already.

Where exactly? On my demo page? Inside the demo file on your Mac?

Not your site, Jannis. Mr Tim’s Tie Shop: https://www.tiesforteachers.com

It seems OK now on my iPad.

Images not loading most probably isn’t a Poster Stack issue.

You have noticed that the links I provided to tiesforteachers.com and ginzawatches.com are no longer working. I’m retiring those sites as like many of my ideas they didn’t make the millions I expected, so I’m no longer paying for https certificates, and I’ll sell the domains or not renew them.
The site I use Poster on extensively and that isn’t going anywhere is my teachers resource site - TheMagicCrayons.com. I use Poster for the blog, books, songs pages and more.
I’ve had the site since I bought RW in 2009. It’s gotten a little clunky, and I just picked up The Botanist Theme as its replacement.
Thank you - Tim