Duplicate without user-selected canonical

I have the above issue from Google. Inject metadata was enabled.

Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 16.07.13

The simple option seems to be add header content, so I have done that. The problem is this:

The Canonical at Line 79 is the generic blog page, presumably why multiple duplicates are being flagged?

The Canonical at Line 168 is the one that I have added in Header content within Poster 2. Presumably google will ignore the second one?

Any experts please? It really hurts that Google is currently not listing my content.

Just don’t add any custom canonical header inside a page with Poster Stack on it.

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Thanks Jannis - this was the ‘Add Header content’ in Poster 2 - is that a mistake? I’m trying to resolved the google issue

This has nothing to do with canonical URLs. You must have added the canonical URL manually.

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