E-book Generator?

Looking to create e-books of my imagery to sell as a download on a website, or maybe even the dreaded Amazon.

Anyone have any recommendations of software and/or service for that task? Preferably one that outputs to the various different formats.


OS-X Pages will export as EPUB and can publish directly to Apple Books.

@LiveShots, thanks for your reply.

Yes, Pages does export to an e-Pub, but is subsequently only available in iBooks. I have had not much luck on the Apple website, as tagging is so severely limited as to be nonexistent.

I need to create a product that is downloadable that I can sell from my own website.

Since years I produced all my EBooks with Pages and sold them on my own website, or with some payment providers. I never used the Apple Store because of the high commissions

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@Cyclist, were your ebooks in the form of PDF’s, or were they EPUB?

It is certainly easy enough to create a PDF with Pages, and save it to the hard drive. But when I tried, at @LiveShots suggestion, to create an EPUB, the file was indeed saved to the hard drive in that format, but in attempting to open it, I could only do so on the iBooks site. This of course defeats my purpose.

Perhaps you can tell me what exactly you did. And were your books text or images?

Thank you.

None of these, save for Calibre, are actually free, but wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of these apps/services, or can offer any feedback whatsoever about the process.

Thanks again.

Publishing to Apple’s service is a seperate option. You can export to EPub and save to your local storage (and then upload it to the publisher of your choice), all from within Pages.

Just select Export to… from the File menu and select EPUB:


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Sorry if I appear dense, but that is exactly what I did. I exported the file to the hard drive as an EPUB. Then I double clicked on it to open it, to see what it looked like, but instead I was sent straight to the iBooks website.

What program should I use to open the file in order to bypass iBooks?


For example Calibre.


EDIT: this thread came up in today’s feed? #puzzled

As @Jannis says. Everyone should have a copy of Calibre for working with eBooks; truly a swiss army knife. Sadly it appears that Apple have finally locked it out, but I went through a liberated all the Kindle books that the family had purchased and converted them to regular ebooks (…yes I know about licensing) as I was on the point of closing everything amazon…

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I’m a great believer in 1970s technology (and free software), so I’m currently using LaTeX for typesetting print books and creating ePub3s (the latter with a little help from Pandoc – also free). I also use Adobe InDesign, but I like the more structured approach of LaTeX. I’ve just set a book which contains Hebrew, Arabic and Greek as well as English in LaTeX and I created a trial ePub from it which looks great. Pandoc will create an ePub from a long book in LaTeX in under a second. It can also convert Word files to LaTeX. For typesetting, you need to get all the layout and other aesthetics just right and that has quite a steep learning curve in LaTeX. However, I think creating ePubs using LaTeX would not present so many hurdles to a novice. By the way, if you create an ePub in any program it will open in the iBooks (actually Books) app by default but not, in my experience, on the Apple Books website. Calibre is useful for minor changes to ePubs but I’d much rather use LaTeX or InDesign for the main processes.