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I’d like to use Stacks4Stacks Stack “Embed” to display PDF’s in a Foundation 6 project.
Sometimes the PDF get’s displayed in Firefox, sometimes not.
What might be the reason?

Have you tried asking that question directly to Will at S4S.

Not sure if Will monitors this forum.

I will do that.

Joe Workman has a stack that does that. It’s not free though:

Also, if you link the pdf file most browsers will display the PDF in the browser when you click on the file.

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@HARRY What did you find out from Will? Problem sorted? Will’s very good at helping sort out things. I’d like to know what the issue was so I can potentially avoid in the future. I’m thinking it wasn’t the stack, but may settings/choices you made or something quirky about the PDF, or something about Firefox.

Hey mitchellm,
I’m still working on it it.
I’ll let you know after I found a solution, okay?! ;o)

Will was pretty active up until March 2023 and has fallen silent since then on his blog. This is uncharteristic of Will, so let’s hope he is still active in RW/Stacks development.

No no!
Will is active.
He is helping me on this one.
No worries.

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That’s good to hear. You are in good hands.

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Thanks for the idea, svsmailus. :o)

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