Embedded Links Stopped Working in Scribe and Paragraph Pro

@tav RapidWeaver 8.9.4, Stacks 5.0.0b12, Mac OS Ventura 13.1, Scribe 1.1.5, Paragraph Pro 1.2.0

In a few pages using Scribe, the RW preview and published pages show the markdown code instead of embedded links (see About YLPA Dues). I have tried recreating the links. I have deleted the scribe stack, added it back in and pasted in my text as plain text, and again tried to re-create the links. No joy.

A few pages using Paragraph Pro (see Local Laws and Ordinances and Harmful Algal Blooms | Yankee Lake Preservation Association, Inc.), the intended links show up decorated as links, but are unclickable. (Embedded email links work, but not page URL links.) On that same page, I have some “naked” URLs and they both show as links and operate as links.

Many pages, however, seem not to be affected:


Regarding the markdown issue - individual stacks do not play any part in processing markdown. It is all done by Stacks and RW at preview and publish time.

The only thing I can therefore suggest is that you republish all files and be 100% sure that the text that you have in there is “clean”. Paste as plain text should achieve this but if you want to make sure then open it in a plain text editor and copy out from there.

Regarding the links that are not clickable, does the problem persist if you remove the link obfuscation tool that you are using?

Also - if the page is resized in the browser slightly then the links start to work again - this suggests something erroneous in the stylesheet - again perhaps a publishing error?

One last thing - does the problem with the links persist if flexifont is removed?

Your links aren’t being processed because your URLs include the greater than character. It’s really not a good idea to use characters like this in URLs but if you do must then you should replace the > in your markdown with %3e.


Good spot @habitualshaker, thanks.


Is this in the actual URL? Or as part of html code in markdown (i.e. <a href=...</a>? I ask because I used this style of link a couple of times recently in a project because the client ‘needed’ to have a link open in a new window and that’s how google directed me. Good to know if I should be avoiding that…

Yes - the actual url. Here is one example from the site linked to above: https://yankee-lake.org/warehouse/quick-downloads/12->-By-Laws.pdf

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Oh ok. The first link I looked at (on the ‘Local laws and ordinances’) was this, and it seemed like a regular link<a href="https://yankee-lake.org/news-and-community/rules-and-regs/" target="_blank">We have rules</a> but also not clickable.

Note: I just read Tav’s point about re-sizing the page, so there’s obviously something else going on…

Thanks everyone for the replies!

@Habitualshaker: On the About YLPA Dues page, changing the angled bracket symbol as you suggested to %3e fixed all four of the problem links on that page. Thank you!

The text block on that page was a single instance of the Scribe stack.

The Laws and Ordinances and the Harmful Algal Blooms pages used multiple Paragraph Pro stacks. The links embedded in paragraphs displayed as decorated but unclickable links. But if I instead created a Paragraph Pro stack with a single line of text including an embedded link, then it worked. (See the stand-alone links in the Laws and Ordinance page).

Email addresses embedded within Paragraph Pro text were clickable and properly parsed the “mailto:” encoding.

@tav: The following did not solve the issues when using the Paragraph Pro stack:
• Reloading all of the text on the page, ensuring that it was brought in as plain text.
• Eliminating the “Obscure Email” stack. (I later added it back in, after verifying it wasn’t the issue.)
• Republishing the entire site.
• Eliminating the FlexiFont stack.

What I ended up doing was to replace the problematic Paragraph Pro sections with Scribe stacks and the embedded links worked in Scribe.

The reason that I preferred the use the Paragraph Pro stack for links was that, when embedding URLs, the dialog gave the option to have the linked page open in a new window, which is what I prefer. The interface for adding links in Scribe does not provide that option. Or, if it does, I don’t know about it. Can’t see syntax for it in Mark Down, either.

At any rate, as a result of the assistance of all of you on this message, I have arrived at a place where I am happy enough with the end user’s experience. Thank you all for your help and advice. Greatly appreciate your taking the time to help out!