Error in StageDive

I’m getting this error in StageDive:

I’ve put some work into a presentation and have used the StageDive Theme, and stacks including WallPaper and Horizons from Joe Workman. Things seemed to be fine…then suddenly all went south???

The forum doesn’t seem to allow me to upload the project itself (which I can no longer open…instead receiving the error message ).



Hi Doug,

Thanks. As StageDive was not updated, and also doesn’t include any PHP, this error must be caused by one of the other Stacks.

Cheers, Jannis

Do you know if the error message is RapidWeaver generated, or who might be able to tell me what it means? I did reach out to Joe, but don’t have enough information to isolate the problem…and I can no longer open it to reveal that needed information…



The error is generated by a Stack using PHP.

What does this mean?

Send me the project with all stacks used inside that as zipped archive, and I will isolate the baddy 🦹‍♂️