Evernote clients / Alternote / Note Apps

Not to highjack the thread (ok, sorry…I am, but the initial question was answered first!) …but, @rob.beattie - is Alternote sort of like Evernote? I’ve had Evernote for years, but have never warmed to the UI (or the constant nagging to upgrade).

Alternote seems to be another Evernote Client.

Alternote is a more friendly front end to Evernote and also has Markdown support. I have a feeling it has not been developed for a few years which is a shame.

What Webdeersign said. I really like it, but there’s been no new version for a while.

If there are other Evernote clients @Jannis I’d be interested to hear if they’re any good.


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I am more a apple 🍎 notes 📝 Fan 😅

Bear or Notion for me. Have become a bit obsessed with Notion of late.


If anyone knows an app, using markdown, as a client for the standard Apple notes app and backend, let me know 😉

Or if someone knows a way to edit Apple notes (with REST API, Swift, whatever) please let me know.

I just switched from Evernote (I had a paid plan there for 8 years) to Zoho Notebook. Evernote became too expensive (Zoho Notes is free) and Zoho’s offering has matured a lot. All that had been missing was “tags” which just appeared recently. I imported all my Evernote stuff last weekend, and closed down that account!

I use Alternote and also Quiver which I tend to prefer. Quiver is nothing to do with Evernote so there is no cross device syncing. Otherwise Quiver is full of useful features and generally nice to use.

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Just downloaded “Notion” and imported all my Evernote notes.In Evernote I can forward emails into it and if not possible in Notion then this for me is a deal breaker. Other than that I love it

@habitualshaker Do you know if you can email into Notion to create a note?

No - not currently anyway.

:( Thanks for the reply anyway