Exclude page from GA results?

I need to exclude a page from GA. I don’t mind it recording this page hits, but I need them excluded from results.

Reason being, this page is my general client privacy policy. This page resides on a particular site but gets displayed on all client sites via an iframe. These calls to other sites are counting as hits and entirely skewing the top level results.

How do I exclude a single page?

Not sure if a robot.txt file will do it, or if I need to do it at the GA end of things.

The only way is to put the GA code on the individual page heads and not in the RW general code section, it wont make a difference to the page times as the stuff in the general code gets injected into the individual pages on publish anyway. All it will mean is that it doesn’t appear on the pages that you don’t want it to

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What about using the standard HTML stack, put the GA code inside and create a Partial from it? You would have to place the Partial on each page, so nothing automatic here…

Course, didn’t think of that! But, it’s about a 60 page site, so bugger that!

Decided best way forward is just to publish the lot with GA, then edit the page code to remove it.

That’d work, right?

Oh hang on, better solution…

Pull page from main site and turn it into it’s own single page project, published to the correct folder within the main site? The, just pull GA from this new “mini-project”.

That would work?

EDIT: Ya, that’s worked, and doesn’t an age spent changing the GA code going forward, or having to pull it page at a time if/when I have to!

You can set up filters in GA to exclude pages, ip’s etc.

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