Font Awesome 5 subset creation tool search

Anyone know of a tool to create a subset or reduced set of FA5 icons from the FA5 SVGs, so that you only need to load the specific icons that you use. I was hoping that such a tool might exist to make this an easy task to accomplish.

Even with the free FA5 icons, if you are only using 10out of the 1500+ icons then it’s an obvious way to reduce loading time.

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Thanks. That is interesting.

I don’t know if this would work but I happened to be looking at this blog post from @tav yesterday:

The glyphter site that is referenced lets you add several icons (essentially your own alphabet) so it seems like it’d work.

yes, Glyphter still works

I answered my own question recently with this thread about the new FA5 Subsetting tool created by FA.

I replied to the wrong thread :)

No problem. You reminded me that I answered my own original question. Ha.