FontAwesome 6

I can’t help feeling that FA have put too much effort into this video which on one hand is a pretty wacky and creative video but on the other hand ends with the glorious irony of a cup of coffee too big to drink and then an even bigger cup of jacuzzi coffee.


So now FA is going to be near as damn it the same price as Adobe Photographers pack (PS, Lightroom etc). No thanks without that video but now … I need a bucket.

If you are a kickstart backer, it’s $49 per year.

I ordered it. I know it’s a lot, but I also use them often.

It appears as $79 for me for the first year and I assume $99/year after.

If you log into font with the account you are using for your Kickstarter FontAwesome Pro purchase, it’s $49.


I am a kickstarter pro backer but I’m still not subscribing - done with anything with awesome in the name :)

@tav, with the ease of using tiny svg’s (that can be found by the zillions for free or very cheap,) on web pages now, what is the benefit of FA? I don’t really see the use case, but maybe I’m missing something that is staring me in the face.

@Scott_Williams Precisely. FA4 had a USP in that it was super easy to use but the downside was that it looked like it had been drawn with a scaffold pole. FA5 made them look a bit better but they were still obviously font awesome at which point I just started using SVG’s from wherever. FA6, more of the same but the kickstarter money has run out and they are going subscription. I can only think that they are relying on the fact that people have always used them and are unaware or unwilling to swap to others.


Waves goodbye to FontNotAwesome…

It will be interesting to see how many other companies launching subscription schemes now will still be using this model as the worldwide depression bites. At the moment we are in a period of calm, before it really hits.

Okay, thanks @tav, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing the point by not going there.