Fonts not working on Windows PCs

I’ve just updated a seven-year-old F1 site with new design in F6. New fonts, self-hosted on their own server, managed by Web Font Pro in Site Styles. TTF, Wolf and Woff2 , Regular, Bold and Cond. (I’ve done this for years and every detail is correct to save you time asking.)

It wasn’t until I had a Teams online meeting with them and they shared their browser screen that it was clear that the fallback sans-serif was showing. All one weight - no bold or cond. Probably Arial.

This is on Windows Safari and Firefox. All my testing on multiple browsers - Mac Studio, iPhone, iPad - show the fonts as intended.

Bizarrely, despite this they are very happy with their new site design - but I was straight back to check my settings and server permissions. All are OK.

I can’t see that their server is blocking the fonts loading as they sit inside their own url and fonts folder permissions are OK.

Any clues as to the cause?

Could it be very cautious Windows security settings?

Thanks so much Paul, this Windows policy would explain everything.

It’s beyond credibility that their “feature” applies to professional fonts hosted on their own website . There are no font API calls from an external servers - I purposely make sure that these are kept to the bare minimum.

As it happens, I have a similar problem with “required” form fields not being sent - but only from Windoze PCs. I was going to post here but you’ve given me an avenue to explore, I’ll report back.

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