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๐Ÿ‘‰ Preview: Footers Pack project file for RapidWeaver and Stacks Pro
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Footers Pack is a valuable collection of 12 ready-to-use footers that will save you a lot of time.
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Hello Massimo, I got the Footers Pack, and while it has some really nice designs, the reliance on the unreasonably expensive Photo Pro stack is a major turn-off. We have excellent and more affordable alternatives readily available. Perhaps demonstrating the packโ€™s compatibility with those would increase its appeal.

Hi Kent,

Thanks for the message, however Footers Pack is not at all dependent on Photo Pro stack, in fact on the demo site where I have clearly stated on the demo that Photo Pro is for demonstration purposes only. Also on the store it does not appear among the required stacks.

My intention is just to show that you can insert a gallery, then each user will use their own stack that they have available, so in your case you will use the cheapest one you have available.

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Hej Massimo,

Okay, thanks for clarifying! I think I might have come across a bit odd. I simply meant that using a more common stack for the demo could make it easier for people to instantly see how the pack works with their existing tools. Itโ€™s like shooting pigeons with a cannon :-)

Yes of course I understood what you meant, the thing is that in F6 there are no native stacks to use for galleries so, specifying that this is just a demonstration example, I used Photo Pro stack.
I could have created a dummy gallery with a grid of images using Block Grid stack, and associated a Lightbox stack with each image to show the image large. True, I would have used only F6 stacks that way, but it would not have been a real gallery, and built that way would have served little purpose.

Anyway, I will think about it and perhaps in a future update I will remove the Photo Pro stack and replace it with the Block Grid stack in combination with Lightbox.

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This is how I create my own working galleries (in Source), for free.

Just use the grid system in combination with Limelight, or some similar stacks (depending on framework of your choice). Now, you can turn it into a template that can be easily customized for future uses.

OK, you have convinced me :) I replace it with Limelight stack.

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I have just updated the project file with Limelight for the gallery.


Thank you Massimo for the update, it is a beauty :-)