Form Message

@Lucas, the Ulkit form sent result was “success” but it does not arrive in my inbox, where do I find the message.

I finally received the email response to my inbox, but it came with the email address.

I am attaching the webpage (form is toward the bottom of the page) About Us

I am also uploading the image of the reply mail.

This means that the Form is working as expected. You can change the labels at the Input stacks of the Form and also make your own template. Check the related video here: UIkit for RapidWeaver

@Lucas, my message to you was written incorrectly. In my test, the form did not come with an email address, only my name.

I did watch the video.

I guess the issue has to do with my lifting a form from one of the framework templates instead of building one from scratch.

I shall building a fresh one.