Found this in Kumasi

Now I know where Joe Workman get his hair cut 😀 In Kumasi… I do not have enough hair to try it 😂



Hej Jannis, This August I retired so I am actually going to live here for half of the year from now on. My wife is from Ghana, so I have a big family here :-) My wife works in Sweden so she is here only for about one month. But I am still doing websites though, I will not stop doing that. Maybe I should open my own Weaver Bar here😂, not for drinking but for websites. For free for people here if someone needs it. COVID, then the war in Ukraine, Chinese exploiters, multinationals and the general tendencies the Global North have to make life hell for everyone else, have made life extremely hard for normal people here. The minimum income here is an average of 328 Cedis a month, which is converted to 25 Euro a month, 22 British Pounds and 27 USD, so anyone can without problem imagine how life is here.


Hahaha! I hope that you have a lovely time. It’s a wonderful experience living in other parts of the world.

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