FTP recommendation?


I’ve long been happy with RW’s built-in FTP engine, but have also used Fetch for over twenty years for transferring warehoused items, editing sitemaps, robots.txt, etc,. Fetch, however, is no longer optimized for Mojave, so I need to find a new SFTP program. I own ForkLift, and have used CyberDuck, but never warmed to either one of them. Any recommendations on a simple file transfer program?


I loves me some Transmit. Very very good. Worth taking a look even if it turns out not to be the right tool for you.


Same here. Transmit is my FTP app of choice for many years.

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Another vote for Transmit

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Transmit or Forklift. Transmit is very Mac like and looks pretty and works well but never gets reduced in price. Forklift often gets reduced to silly cheap but it also adds a dual and triple plane Finder, live pane editor, App uninstaller and powerful re-namer and all sorts of other stuff. Even if Forklift didn’t have any FTP then it would still be a great App. Hell get Transmit t and also Forklift when it’s cheap. Sometimes I use both together and would miss not having both.

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Thanks, everyone, for the speedy replies. Transit 5 has been bought. I’ll really miss Fetch - it was one of the first programs I acquired for my Mac (I think it was free back then) - but it’s time to move on…

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My vote goes to Transmit


Yummy has always been my favourite, but sadly the developer died last year and it appears to have been abandoned, though still on sale. I picked up Forklift on bundlehunt for $3 and use that a lot now. Right now I think Transmit or Forklift are the only two viable options for professional use. I really wish they allowed you to colour label folders on the server like Yummy does.

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I also transfer a lot of my via SMB, and use color tagging all of the time. Files not to be deleted are tagged red (warehoused documents, etc.), archived stuff is blue, RW-generated files/folders are green, etc. it makes it so easy to keep track of items. I had no idea it was possible that this was possible using an ftp client. In that case, I wish Transmit would add the option.


Yummy has had this for years and I just don’t understand why the others have ignored it. This is a complete no brainer on larger sites where you have various folders that shouldn’t be deleted in error.

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Might be worth to mention to Panic as a feature request


I also used Fetch for some years, but can no longer remember what made me change to Transit (now Transmit). I also own Yummy, Cyberduck and Forklift, but never warmed to any of them. Never noticed the colour coding possibilities in Yummy, but that sounds like a good idea!

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Yummy is highly configurable through the preference options, which can arguably make it tricky, but once you understand the options it’s an extremely capable tool. By comparison Forklift has virtually no preference options but is still very capable and really more than just an FTP app. If only they would add those colour labels on folders…

The variations in FTP servers appear to be ever more complex, so I sometimes find that a particular client just will not connect for mysterious reasons and it becomes very frustrating. For that reason alone it’s almost essential to keep a couple alternatives installed if you have to deal with various servers.

The previous version of Forklift is available for free on the app store

If you can find version 3 in one of their sales like I did it’s a fantastic deal and I saw something recently about Transmit moving to a subscription model that seemed a bit much for an FTP client.


Only on the Mac App Store. Not when you buy directly from Panic.


I’m still on Transmit 4, but even that is great!


I’m using Captain FTP. You got to pay, but it’s worth…