Full Screen Grid in Source

Is it possible to build a Source Grid that always fills available screen space?

Yes. A grid with 1 grid item and a col template 1fr and a row template of 1fr would do that. Or you could use col template 100vw and a row template of 100vh.

What exactly are you try to achieve?

Simple grid with 4 equal items - 2 cols, 2 rows. Ultimately, the top 2 will be 2 spliders fading in different text and image but for now I don’t seem to be able to get the 4 basic images 100vh and 100vw.

Because I couldn’t get this right, I have a holding page with 2 splider cols at the top and 2 single text cols below - you can see this here: https://wideasleep.co.uk

I was trying to get the text columns into 2 equal columns below and have it full screen as a holding page (hope this makes sense!)

Create a Grid Plus (not in a container) with 4 grid items. Setup a Col template with (50vw 50vw) and a Row template with (50vh 50vh) with 0px for row and col gaps. That should do it.

Tip - add a different BG colour to each grid item during development so you can see the grid items

Ah! I think I’ve set the templates incorrectly. I’ll look forward to trying this when I get back! Thanks.

You can set the height via the content / grid items as shown above or you can specify a height for the parent grid and have the rows adapt to that. An example of that is the block grid demo on my blog.

Spider stack also lets you set the height of it if you wanted to let that do it. Generally best using Cover mode for image slides when using that approach too.

I am on holiday in the south of France at the minute so not perfectly placed to give detailed answers but hopefully that helps for now if you haven’t already achieved what you need.