Gallery 3 and Behance

Anyone using the Adobe Creative Cloud has free access included to Adobe’s Behance; a gallery and magazine platform that is far better at showing images than a straightforward website rendering. Much of this is down to their AI tech and built-in sharpening; images simply look better.

Mentioning one day to Janis how well this worked and how much better the images looked, he kindly created a module for Gallery 3 to enable the embedding of Behance galleries in web pages. Genius!

I have relied on creating galleries in Behance for a a couple of years, embedding the gallery into RW via Gallery 3 and it has been faultless - until recently when Adobe have changed their api…

This afternoon, I mentioned the problem to @Jannis, not wanting to trouble him. Within 2 hours there was an email I the inbox ‘Please update to v3.11.1 via Stacks updater’.


I cannot thank @Jannis enough and can only commend him, Gallery 3, Poster 2 and his other products to RW users

An original gallery in Behance:

The gallery embedded in a Poster blog in RW:


Welcome 😃