Gallery 3 and page size/load

Hi there!

I’m just setting up a gallery using Gallery 3 ( Grid: Justified, Lightbox: Lightgallery, Image + Thumb).
I’m showing about 15 images using drag-and-drop. Some of these original images are high resolution and can reach file sizes of up to 17Mb.

My main question is what this will do for the page size. Of course using images increases page load but the fact that it uses thumbnails should keep this down to a minimum.

I realize I can upload a test but maybe one of you developers already knows the answer. The project is in the very early stages and still only resides on my local drive. Nothing uploaded yet so no example/url to show.



This will use stack images. By double click on the image your able to define their scaling.

Never do this. Your project file size will increase rapidly.

Thanks for the quick response. I know what to do now!

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