Gallery 3 full-screen lightbox

Hi Jannis,

Gallery 3 with Total CMS gallery integration is excellent.

However, is it possible for the lightbox to open up within the page width and current position (modal) and not full-screen to the top of the page?

The reason I ask is that the Gallery 3 lightbox action breaks certain aspects of the Foundation layout - particularly Equalised stacks but others as well the page refreshes after the forced full-screen.

Try this on any MB or iMac. (This rather complex beta site is not optimised for mobile yet!)

Hi Geoff,

that’s not possible, as this fullscreen option uses a special browser function.

To remove the fullscreen button, use following CSS:

.rsFullscreenBtn {
    display: none;

If you still want to use this fullscreen mode, you have to change the z-index of the items covering the fullscreen display.