Gallery 3 - remote image not working as expected

Yes I see a whole folder. I understand. Edit: Maybe a feature request to advise that there is no preview. I have been wrestling with this for days - not publishing - and wondering why nothing showed up.

Thanks, I noted this and will add such a message in a next update.

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I am also using this great stack on a couple of websites. I am trying to use it now on a third one, a very old Rapidweaver site that I now have made responsive by using a responsive theme. I have no problem getting the stack to show the files in the folder. On the other two sites I am using jpeg files, on this one it is png files. The owner of the site is using png. I wanted the stack to show the descritption in exif data, which works fine on the jpeg files I did before, but now I cannot get the stack to show the exif description inside of the png files. How come? URL: It is not β€œlive” yet, i.e. I have not yet put it in the menu, because the descriptions are essential.
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Gallery Stack does not allow showing EXIF data. You are able to show IPTC data of files in a web directory (inStacks Software | Gallery Stack 3 - The most versatile and kick-ass Photo Gallery). That is a big difference.

The PHP functionality used to extract the IPTC data from the image is only working with JPG/JPEG files, not with PNG.

Ah ok that explains it. I thought I was dealing with the exif data :-) my goodness, I was also wondering why they were not showing up in an exif viewer I have :-) some times I am stupid. As I said it worked fine with jpeg. So I will convert the photos to jpeg then. Thank You Jannis. By the way it is a really excellent stack and this feature to load the photos from a folder is just wonderful.
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Make sure while converting to JPEG the IPTC data remains intact.

Yes I already experienced that it does not get through the convertion. Do you know how I can retain that meta data?

Bridge / PS are the optimum way to convert for retaining image metadata.

Going back to the earlier part of the discussion, jpeg is a specific image format, designed to hold metadata whereas png is, by design, a graphic file that happens to work with pictures, if you get my drift?

Yes thank you. I am using Affinity though, the other program I used to convert the png is called Resize Lite, that does not retain the data. I just found out Affinity retain the data also, so it is perfect.

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