Gallery 3 + Total CMS + Slick Slider

Two questions - both concerning Slick Slider :

  1. The number of images in the Slick list are fixed to 3 - regardless of thumbnail dimensions.
    The link below has thumbnails set to 50px height - but any thumbnail height from 20px to 200px has the same result.

  2. Slick list thumbnails do not inherit radial corner settings.
    I know it’s not fashionable to have radial corners but the client - and therefore my design - require them :(

Hi Geoff,
Yes, that’s how it’s built.
Regards, Jannis

Thank you Jannis for your quick response.

Respectfully I must tell you that it’s not acceptable that a stack limits a design because “that’s how it’s built”.

It’s clear-cut from my example that Gallery 3 does not give a satisfactory result when used with either/or Foundation and Total CMS.

That’s how I’m built.

It’s always easy for customers to say “it isn’t acceptable”.
What should I do if my product is built as shown, you buy it, and afterwards you say “it doesn’t fit my design”?
We developers aren’t magicians. I do the best to adapt to customer request. Sometimes it’s just not possible.

The stack works as shown in the demo.

  • The thumbnails behave the way they are to keep a consistent design thought different image sizes and aspect ratios. Therefore, the 3 thumbnails are fixed.
  • The pagination dots are - well - dots. If you give me an example how you would like to have the pagination indicator look like, I will try to see if that’s feasible.