Gallery that creates a html page for each photo

I have been ask to look at a site for rebuilding in RW.
It has over 300 photo galleries!
There is also a Gallery of galleries showing the first thumb of each gallery and the gallery description.
Each gallery has multiple photos with Gallery description and a separate Alt Tag for each image
Each photo actually has its own page url with the following structure:
Domain/GalleryName/ImageName(no extension).html

The concern is outside links to these thousands of images and not losing any seo juice they have.
The sight is very old and has thousands of backlinks, way to many to do 301 redirects on.

Does anyone know of a Gallery stack that will allow for:
a gallery of galleries
a gallery description for each
each image has an alt tag
Creates a url for each image with the structure above.

(edited to clairify)

HI, I was chatting with jannis today on here about his Gallery stack, not sure if it will do what you want, but on another site I use Wills Pro Gallery a lot, setup I think in much the same way as you’ve described, and I’ve just checked and each image does seem to have the URL structure you’re after.

Gallery of galleries page:

Moist recent gallery:

Image from that gallery:

As I say, Jannis’ might do the same, I’ve not bought it/tried it yet.

Thanks Steve,
That doesn’t appear to actually create the structure with each image being its own URL (.html page)

Right, yes, sorry, I didn’t read your initial post correctly.

No worries, maybe @Jannis or @willwood will have a solution. I am skeptical that I will find a solution seems a pretty odd way of doing things.

Hi Scott, unfortunately not with Gallery Stack.

There is a way for having a gallery of galleries, and also having a unique URL for opening one photo in one gallery in a lightbox. Both together doesn’t seem to work very well 😕

Thanks Jannis, another question if I may;
does photo stream or Gallery3 have the ability to load images (when set to web folder) from a different domain than the page is located?

Currently not.

I am currently working on a larger update, and this will be available there also…


you can easy do that with a TotalCMS Blog. Each Blog Post can contain a Gallery. Then your Blog List is the Gallery of Galleries.

Thanks Wolf, I looked into that but it won’t create individual page url’s for each photo.