Gallery3: Pull in only XX images from large gallery?

Without being forced to explain why, I want to add an instance of G3 to a page and pull in images from an existing folder on the server, but I only want to display a set number of images, ideally randomly selected, and ideally have the images not clickable to a lightbox.



Worked out the no lightbox bit.

Currently there is no maximum image amount.

Didn’t think so. No bother though, I’ll just use a different folder. Repo is doing to upload thing, so it’s easy enough.


What about lazy load?

I’ve got a gallery of 18mg (super compressed and optimised) images. It’s not feasible to have them all load on page load.

What are my options?

How many images are that? Are you using the thumbs sub directory?

200, and no, but I should, shouldn’t I?

Any destructions on what to do?

EDIT: Found them, super easy, worked a treat. Ta.

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I love that term.

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Making thumbs (easy with Affinity photo) has meant I can massively increase the quality and size of the actual photos (from 18m to 53m total) and bring the total page weight down from 19m to 6m. Still a bug page, but I’m using quite large thumbs.

Top job :-)

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Easy way to apply a border radius to the thumbnails?

I’ve tried …

.thumbnail-wrapper {
  	border-radius: 20px !important;

But no worky.


.thumbnail-wrapper img

As selector (not tried on my side).

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Yep, worked. Thanks.