GIF Curious

Never having done it before, I’ve been playing around with creating a GIF for a particular splash page. But even though I saved the individual images at a ridiculously low resolution, the file ended up being very large.

So the burning questions:

  1. What is a suitable dimension for a GIF?
  2. What might be the maximum size?
  3. Any tricks or hot tips for making one?

Thank you in advance.

WebP animate

Or if you are able to work with vector files you can create an animated file, logo, vector animated sequence of Lottiefiles and embed it with its player.

To convert gif to animated webp you can use

to view the webp image in the mac I use

Do bear in mind that not all browsers will be able to display webP and you should therefore, provide a fallback system.

Mister G, thank you so much for your response. I am nevertheless still somewhat confused.

Are you saying to create a GIF in the normal manner and convert it to WebP? And then you need qView to see how it looks?

And presumably once you’ve loaded it on the server, it will be visible without any further intervention?

Just to see what would happen, I uploaded my trial jpeg GIF (5.3 mg) to (an online converter I have used before for other reasons) and it spit out a WebP file of 4.2 mg. So I saved maybe 20%, not too substantial.

I still need to know, if you would be kind enough to make a recommendation, what dimensions and final file size would be appropriate.

Yes, I remembered that from previous posts on the subject. So then you’re stuck with the original monster jpeg GIF.

If the file is so big maybe … it is better to convert or create an mp4 from the new one (you could make a video slider or something else).
Then use SectionPro by @Tav, you can do it in full screen and the page that continues below, or insert it in a splash …
You will surely see how it is best to visualize it.

The stacks: Sections Pro Stacks for RapidWeaver

This is @Tav’s example: - Droplr

To optimize the video without audio you can use HandBrake, choose the mp4 format and optimize for the web.

This is how I put it,
chickens that turn in the rotisserie are entered in SectionsPro

or put the video on a Splash Page


Prego 👋