Gulp - stacks have taken over my computer

Loading stacks…


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The Return of the Stacks 🎥

Stacks 2.0 - The Stacking…

No Country for Old Stacks 😂


Thinned mine out a while back, still 1500 in there though.

My problem is I have sites made yonks ago, some in F1 and some even older, using various third party stacks. And once in a while I have to update these, even though I keep telling the client the site needs a rebuild. So the upshot is, I have to keep loads of really old stacks that I’ll never use on a new project.

You could create different addon folders for these purposes.

That’s true, never thought of that. But… I’m thinking running two addons folders, meaning two lots of updates etc. is always going to end in tears.

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Same here. I’ve got about 30 Freestack Responsive stacks for a start…

As long as you’re not deleting mine you’re good to go 🥳