Happy birthday to...Source! (FREE PIZZA for all inside!)

Hi All,

Is hard to believe but it was this time last year that I launched Source - our modern and lightweight ‘micro’ framework for RapidWeaver.

Thank you to everyone that has been using Source and helped to make it what it is.

To celebrate…FREE PIZZA!!

To celebrate this milestone I am giving away this rather tasty project page that was built using only Source and Source Addons.

Download it here

Why not add some delicious sides…

And if that whets your appetite then there is also a multi-page version of this project. Again this has all been built and laid out using only Source and Source Addons (there isn’t even a single bit of custom CSS used!). The only third-party stacks that I have used on a couple of the pages are Limelight and Sticky Grummage (<- donationware) by Big White Duck for the recipes, maps and galleries modal / lightboxes.

The project includes some notable features that show just how powerful and flexible the small collection of Source stacks really is:

This full project is only available for a limited time and is for all of you early adopters out there. As soon as August is over I will no longer be offering this project for sale. Don’t miss out :)

Grab it now for £20/$25.

Not got Source yet?

As part of the celebrations you can get Source Addons with 30% off by using the code: source-pizza during checkout.

Code is valid right through August!


Fantastic, that really is a great gift, thank you!! I already purchased Source before and that pizza project will be a great kick-off for me to start learning! ☺️

Thank you and congrats for 1 year! 🎉




Wow that year went quickly. Great project.


Some feedback has revealed a couple of things I should have mentioned / made clearer:

  • You need to update to Source/Source Addons v1.4.4 (released yesterday) for a couple of the bits to work as they should (particularly the ability to hide the ‘ALL’ option in the Grid Plus filter)
  • You can buy the project in the downloads section of the Source page - the product is called ‘Pizza Monkeys’ (or here is a direct checkout link)


Congratulations, we have all been enjoying Source.


Great project. Even though I don’t have an immediate need for it, I bought it – just to show my appreciation for a fantastic support that I get from Stuart.


Hej Mr. Stuart

Could you tell me what executes the limelight on the “locations” page? I am not able to find the trigger.

Kind Regards


Hi Kent

Is it for the map popups on this page: https://pizza.shakingthehabitual.com/restaurants/

If so there is a particular class name added into the button link attributes. If you open/edit the button link you will see it.

If it is something else let me know.

Yes exactly, yes my goodness, did not think to look for it there, thank you very much.

Good stuff. I have added notes about things like this in various places within the project. Must have missed that page though :)

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Hi All,

Just a heads up that there is only a week or so left to get our Pizza Monkeys Source project before it is gone forever :)

I made a quick overview video to share some of the features that are included with the project:


Remember, as soon as August is gone then you will no longer be able to download the free project or buy the full project.

Don’t miss out!


Hi Stuart
Great project, thanks for the extra video…what thoughts would you have for the ‘book now/book a table buttons’ going forward?

Thanks Wendy.

The simplest thing to do would be to set them to either make a phonecall or launch an email. If you had a booking system of some sort then it could be set to trigger that instead.

Thanks Stuart, perfect…will be buying it right now!! Downloaded the freebie, but think the whole project will help with me learning more about Source going forward…
Also when is Source Elements 2 coming along???

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It’s in the queue of things to do :)

Got something completely different coming next (not Source-related) and then it’s onto Elements 2 and some more Academy courses.

Excellent, love the Academy courses…will be revisiting them again!!
Just keep it all coming. And I would like to say that I think your pricing is realistic and fair (and the free stuff is awesome!) - especially to someone like me - I do it for fun out of my own pocket (just try to help friends with their websites) AND keeps the aged brain cells active!!

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