Heads up: Check your server error logs. They are most likely mahoosive!

If you’ve found recently you’ve had to throw some more space at your server, you are not alone. Many in the RW world are in the same boat.

Why? Massive error logs. For me, some as big as 5GB!

Why? My understanding is it’s down to the move to PHP8, which is far less forgiving of minor (and major) coding issues than v7. This means that (if you have error logging turned on) every PHP warning and error generated get logged. And these logs can get really big, really quickly.

When I discovered this issue I checked the logs generated by some popular RW stacks (and RW itself) and some were producing tens of thousands of lines of errors per hour.

I’m in the middle of cleaning out all my error logs and so far I’ve recovered over 25GB of server space. And server space isn’t cheap. It’s been costing me about €20 a month!

Worth mentioning is that this isn’t for a single site. The server I’m working on at htte moment hosts about 40 client sites. Some small, some big. Some with only a few hundred visitors a month, some with thousands a day.

What should I do? First off, do a search of the server files and locate all your error logs. Then check the entries, it’s possible most relate to RW and stacks. If so, delete the logs and turn off error logging in your server control panel.

Then, sit tight and wait while the devs redo their stacks and remove the code that is causing the errors.


This should never happen with a properly configured server. The error logs should be rotated based on size and/or date. You should complain to your host about this.