Heads up for the Machform users

My Machform install stopped sending new submissions to me over email last week (not sure exactly when).

The fix was simple: Upgrade to the latest version 19 (I was still running version 14!).

I’m putting this here in case others are also running way behind on the updates. If you are, check your entries, as you may have some there for which you didn’t get an email notification.


Good to know, thanks, Steve! I’m off to check all of my sites…I stumbled across one a few months back that was still on version 14 (and upgraded to v19 w/o any issues).

Ya, upgrading 14 to 19 was easy. I first checked with the dev that it was OK to make such a big jump, they confirmed it was. I went ahead but stupidly forgot to run the updater script, so things didn’t work.

I immediately sent the dev an email with log in details so they could have a look at my install. Five mins later they replied telling me what I’d forgotten to do, and that they had done it for me, checked everything, and all was OK.

That’s some seriously impressive service!

I realise that you have to install the Machform script and setup a database, but I genuinely don’t understand why people use other solutions for anything bigger than a regular contact form.


I went over to using the cloud service. It does £150 a year cost but I can use the forms on any of my own websites. Less hassle than self hosting. Which is very easy - I am always impressed with the customer support and usability of machform.