Help locating a stack

I’m looking for a stack that basically overlays a banner over an image - similar to what you can see on the DRAFT (and not indexed!) page above. I’m pretty sure a stack exists that applies a triangle “banner” over any of the four corners - but after scrolling through a few hundred stacks in my library, it didn’t jump out at me. The banner doesn’t need to be clickable, but the image does need to be linked.

The image/SOLD banner above are done using BluePrint One (and pulling the SOLD banner up). I’m quite sure there’s an easier way. Thanks!

Maybe Badger from S4S?

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Or JW’s Badger:


That’s pretty much how I’d do it. Not sure what would be easier, as all you need to do is drop the BP stack with the pulled up image under the sold item, once sold.

If using UIkit you could use the position stack, so long as the image stack is inside a section stack from which the position stack takes it’s position.

But really, I can’t see anything being easier than the BP method.

EDIT: Or, you could add the main image as a background, then add the sold image as a regular stack to the BP dropzone.

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Doesn’t Joe Workmans Target stack do this?

I use it to position a clickable button (top left) on each of my profile cards here:

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