Help Please - Deleted Project


I had a motherboard issue on my Mac and it’s been repaired / replaced. I had to reinstall RW8 . I have found the Stacks and adding and all but 1 (the most important) project . It is no where to be found (so far) . The www works well and was published with RW8. I am pretty sure I had it set to Backup on publish as well.

When I try to download the Backup , I get a 404 error. Any help is appreciated ! !


Did you use a FTP Programm to look at your website directory and download the backup?

I did. I was actually just looking at those files

the html one opens up like it’s the site and all the other pages are in order. I saved the entire file to my desktop.

I just do not know how to create it as a Project again in RW … I truly appreciate any help…

Fist, you should always be a lot more than “sure” you set it up to backup: for exactly these reasons. Did you find the backup folder? It has an unintuitive folder name (which is good). For one of my projects I go into the project folder and I see this folder:


Yours, of course, won’t have the same name, but the point is it’s very easy to pick out from your other page folders. When you go into that folder you’ll see a backup in a ZIP format. I create archived backups so I see several within the folder. Yours probably looks like below, but with only 1 zipped folder:

Thank You, that makes total sense. I see that I did not use that super important feature so it looks like Copy / Paste for me. I really Appreciate the info and I will of course use better practices on the rebuild !

Thanks again !

There used to be a tool I could use to see what adding or plugins a Rapidweaver site was using…Any idea if it still works or what it was ?

It was a stack that no longer exists. Unfortunately.