Help Please; I'm Looking for a Calendar / Event Stack


I’m looking for suggestions for a Calendar / Event Stack.



What does it need to do and what have you considered so far?

It’s a New idea for the website I’m working on. I’m looking to add a calendar of BBQ Contests. I would want to separate / sort by contest type and location sorted by state and date.

Your insight and suggestions are appreciated.

Have a look at the Poster stack from InStacks. I’m sure someone who frequents this forum has used it to build a sophisticated catalogue of apartments or attractions or something like that which can be filtered using categories. Hopefully they’ll be along soon to shed some actual light on this, rather than my badly-remembered gloom.

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Hej Rob, yes that sounds like a good idea. never thought to use Poster for those sorts of things. Thank you, I have a use for that also.

Go to and sign up for a FREE calendar, which is actually up to 8 different calendars for free. You can have the option to have people sign up for events if you like. The calendars can be displayed in different shared configurations, like having them display a description of the event or not, or you can place URLs etc to documents, other sites, or whatever. I have used TeamUp for a FamilySearch library classes for about 4 years now. Being free and very functional has worked for me. I then just embed the calendar into the project page. We scheduled activities etc, for different age groups from this calendar.

Thank you! for the ideas, much appreciated.

I’m a amazed at uses for Poster 2.