Help with extracting some css classes please :-)

I’m stuck again digging out a css class and need some help from the clever people*

See the date header “February '19”? What’s the class?


  • Cleverer than me: Not hard.


I thought that, but it don’t seem to be working.

Unless I’m using the wrong css over-ride code!

I’ll try again.

works for me. what you trying to do?

Ultimately I want to change the pink background to white, and the font to pink.

I have the code for the background, but for the life of me can’t get the font color to change.

Tried this, no worky.

color: #666666 !important;

Ah balls, worked it out. I’d already change the colour further down my css list, so I was changing it one colour today nearer the top of the css list, but it was being changed back further down!



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