Hosting .... what best

I have about 20 sites hosted with same company and am very happy with my current hosting company BUT … There is absolutely no telephone support. Is this normal? I find it so stressful waiting for replies to email.

Then go to IONOS. They have only telephone support 😄 at least for Germany, but I guess also for English speaking customers.

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In the USA, I use DreamHost. Very fair prices, LOTS of storage, great email, fast hosting with Let’s Encrypt certificates, their own dashboard (which I love…it’s not cPanel), and it’s simple to scale up (or down) if one needs to, should you need to move to a larger or smaller plan. Virtually no phone support (it is available, but they have to call you back), but they offer instant texting with a real tech support person (not a chatbot). I have one customer that has a fully managed Dedicated plan (very expensive), two clients who wanted their own managed VPS plans, and I have my own VPS. All of us are very, very happy. Not a referral link (although I could provide one if you’d like): Hosting | Web Hosting Plans Starting @ $2.59/mo - DreamHost


I use Chillidog Hosting based in the USA, I’m in the UK.

No telephone support but I’ve never needed that as tickets are answered quickly and the support is excellent - even when I’ve done some really silly stuff like deleting the files that ran my email accounts!


I use Vimexx , a Dutch host with servers in the Netherlands. Support is via chat and tickets. They respond polite, friendly, knowledgeable and fast. Servers are almost always up and fast. Hosting packages are very complete and priced fair.

Also a Dreamhost user here. I highly recommend Dreamhost. On a VPS plan and their text support is all I’ve ever needed.

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In the UK, I use Clook and have c.100 sites on a dedicated cloud server (although they also offer regular shared hosting). Clook runs an email ticketing system but always respond within a few minutes. I prefer email if it’s fast and theirs is. Given them 100% every year since I started with them in 2015.

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I use Chillidog hosting. Very good support through ticket system.


I second Chillidog… always Stellar support !