How do I stop it displaying all blog posts when someone clicks on the Read More button

I figured I’d start a new thread as the other one I’d started was totally not on topic for this.

I have set Poster stack up using the Poster Folders. It is pretty much all working now, and I’ve sorted my MD files getting published automatically.

Just running into a problem whereby when you click on Read More you end up on just one long view of all the blog entries with back buttons for each one, rather than Blog Post 1’s read more button leading to the full version of Blog post 1 followed by a Back button, and so on for Blog Post 2, Blog Post 3, etc.

Oh, and one more thing. How do you specify in the markdown file which is the Featured Item?

Could it be that the md files don’t have a title inside the markdown meta data?

The last / newest item will be the featured item.

This is what the md files look like Jannis. It looks like it has a title to me. Sorry to be asking about this, I’m so close to getting it right, just need to figure these last few things out and then I will be rockin’ (P.S. have to say the Poster Stack Folder stack is amazing. Thank you for creating such a tool).

title: This is the blog title  
date: 2018-09-15
  - Tips
  - Web Design
description: My great blog post content.
  alt: Alternative text
header_image_details: true

Anyone who is prone to ruminating will be familiar with what a curse it can be when that rumination has a nagativity bias. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to help stop rumination in its tracks and in this article we look at one of the most powerful of those techniques.


> “Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open"

These words from Rumi, the Sufi mystic and poet, sum up rumination beautifully.

Anyone who is prone to ruminating on things is likely to relate to that sentiment. I certainly do, but knowing you have the choice to think or to not think about something doesn't mean a thing when that thought is stuck in your head and seemingly refuses to move.

Do all have the same blog title?
It must be different for each post.

Do you have a URL?

Yeah all your posts have the same title inside the md files. Please use always unique title, or a unique slug.

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lol. I was just testing it out and never thought of that. Makes sense. You’ve baked a lot of cool stuff in :-)

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Worked just as you said. It is coming together beautifully now. Ended up giving the Flexbox Columns a try and it looks great so I’ll probably now go with that or the Masonry one.

Thanks for your help Yannis

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