How to align bottom diverders in 3 column grid (Source)

How to align the bottom dividers in a 3-column setup on the same row?

location on the web: Modulaire cursus speelruimtebeleid

To stick with your current approach of using a Divider at the bottom, check out this blog post that shows exactly this (though with Buttons as opposed to a divider).

An alternative approach would be to style the borders of the grid items / columns. Best bet for this would be to re-work your set up using Grid Plus Pro instead - as you could use the styling settings in that to add a coloured top and bottom border to each grid item (with a different colour for each grid / column item like you have it currently).

Hope either of these methods helps.

Thanks Stuart, i will go after the info you promted.

gr. dirk

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Hello Stuart, grouping withthe coder stack trick does the job! Thanks dirk

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