How to do a web-based remote presentation...?

I just got a call from a client with a very special wish…: He wants to give his customers a web-based remote presentation of several Powerpoint slides (alternatively these could also simply be images). Sounds simple, BUT…: He wants his customers to just sit in front of the screen and do nothing (not even refresh the browser or click any button). The progress to the next slide is initiated by my client on his computer. When he clicks a button to proceed to the next slide the same should happen at the same time in the browser of my client. During this session they are parallel talking on the phone. So they are speaking on the phone, talking about a certain slide and my client can then decide to continue with the next slide, which then should appear at the same time in the browser of his customer. Difficult to explain, but I think you got it now.

I don’t know of any technology which could do this. My client showed me this example: After you put in the code (which you only get via invitation) you are entering the page where the presentation is waiting for you. And not you yourself but the presenter is then manually proceeding from one slide to the next while talking to you on the phone. I noticed that the page suffix is “aspx” and I suppose that this is the technology needed for like this. But I have no idea if a similar thing is possible in the RW universe somehow…

Anyone any ideas regarding this very special thing?

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It sounds like a fairly simple remote control type system, or even just a screen share over something like Zoom.

This one Stagedive


Thanks Steve, but I forgot to say that he doesn’t want to use like Zoom or Skype. His customer should have it as simple as possible: open a link…, ready.

What do you mean with “remote control type system”…?

Thanks Robert. I had another look at StageDive before posting here. It’s a brilliant solution for displaying slides, but you forgot that the slides should progress at the same time on my clients customer computer when my client hits a button. This remote connection isn’t there as far as I can see on the StageDive site…

These are apps that allow someone else to take control of your computer. I know you know this, that’s what I was talking about.

All presentation solutions like zoom will use at least a small application on the client side. Either a real app or a browser plugin.

Or you find something like “html5 screen share” (first hit:

Hi Jannis. Thanks for the tip with Spreed. But also here a small app is downloaded before they both can connect. In my example with the link to the .aspx page it absolutely seems to be doable to do such a presentation remotely with a client without installing anything(!) beforehand. I don’t know what an aspx-webpage is capable of, but my client had a session with them and says that this way would be exactly the way he’d love to go. Still clueless how to do this…

Presenter: Yes.

Viewer: I don’t think so.

Thanks Jannis. Will ask him again tomorrow…

Zoom , Google Duo & Hangouts and also can be used without any app or browser plugin.
Features are limited for the person without the app but as a viewer this shouldn’t matter.

I guess only if you have Chrome installed.

As reading here, you need a client.

Don’t forget they are a US tech company and so will avoid telling you the truth at all costs :)

(anyone with elderly relatives during lockdown need to know about this setting!)


You could just embed Twitch or Facebook live where the presenter shares their screen. The user would not need software beyond the webpage. They would just watch.

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Thanks Bret. To be true I think both solutions would be a bit “over the top” for my client to setup by himself. I think I’ll suggest Zoom to him with the option Tav showed in his screenshot…

@wolf It’s unclear to me what can NOT be done in the browser. Notice the text @tav highlighted says: “Note that the meeting experience from the browser is limited”. I don’t know what those limitations are so it should be tested. To do the presentation like you client wants requires the “share screen” feature … and I don’t know if this is limited when using a browser. Easy enough to test though.

Are his/her clients elderly are otherwise non-tech savvy? Awfully easy to download Zoom and use for full experience (if share screen won’t show in browser)

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try this:

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Nice one and many thanks for pointing that one out @tav- Might see if that will work with my 83 yo mother in a nursing home. She’s 1000k away and the lock down here in Straya means no travel since about March. Either that or TeamViewer, which despite being an MS app, works well :)

Mine is the same age , she really didn’t want to start installing apps and signing up for services so it worked well for her.

AFAIK TeamViewer is not owned my MS which is obviously good thing.

I use TV quite often to do remote support with elderly relatives using Windows, and when it works it works well. However, TV frequently demands that both users update to the latest version which can be too challenging and daunting for some. Also, when you do update, you get all of the scary messages about having to pay unless being used for non commercial use. Again that can be too much for some.