How to do this?

I’m trying to link to a bunch of blog posts where my company has been featured. I want it to look like this (see below)

There’s a load of links from different blog websites, I want to be able to control the overall look but I want each link to display the image and title etc, just like above.

I don’t know of a simple way to do this. If you search google for ‘link preview’ (or similar) then you will find some solutions. There are also some services such as LinkPreview though it involves some coding and you would need to know how to parse the JSON data that is returned from the API call.

This forum (discourse) uses this: to generate the previews.


@habitualshaker Thanks, so at least I have a name for it. Stack developers - here’s an idea!

I don’t think this will do ALL you want, but worth checking out:

LiveThumb comes with a free demo so you can check out how much it can help you.

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