How to handle Open Street Map regarding GDPR/DSGVO?

If I understand it correct, Open Street Map 3 is hosted on a third party server. Therefor it is a relevant stack regarding DSGVO and/or GDPR … however you wanna call it.
What needs to be done regarding cookies/privacy policy and so on?
Do you guys have a workflow for this?

First I would choose the German OpenStreetMap servers.

Second, still you would have to manage the visitors consent in any way.

Do I have the option to color the maps individualy with using the german servers, too?

You think of layers?

This is how I use individual … / the brand colors in the map

How did you set up these brand colors?

with mapbox

Then you’re using Mapbox and not an OpenStreetMap server.

Nevertheless, if you’re concerned about GDPR/DSGVO you might think of a user consent.

… and how should that look like?

Take any of the cookie jar or mini cookie stacks and put OSM stack into them.

I used Cookie Manager and got the following error in F6.

JS Legacy support is integrated in Site Styles

Well it seems I have to adapt the code. It worked in OSM2, but OSM3 uses some different code. I’ll have a look.

Thanks Jannis

Please update to version 3.3.1.