How to implement a chat function?

What would be the best way to make a kind of chat system on a Rapidweaver site. I know there is stacks that links to messenger, whatsapp and skype etc, but I need something that is done on the website itself.

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There are lots of services that offer this kind of thing these days. is one that is widely used - and free too if you don’t mind their branding. They just give you a little snippet of code that you would paste into RW.


Yes, I’ve used on a number of sites and it’s great!

If you need private chat, then I would recommend Sitelok with the Messaging and Profile plugin.

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@jacquesboot Sitelok was also the first thing that came into my mind

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Ok never thought about that, thank you, I will check it out

Tidio is also free, as is Facebook Messenger (if you want to go that route).

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