HTML Email Stack

Looking for a stack to facilitate the creation of html emails…

Doobox make a free one, never used it myself, but I know a few who do and love it.

Saying that, I’m not sure what it’s called and can’t see anything obvious on his site: @Webdeersign uses it so maybe he can help.

I make HTML newsletters for clients, typically half a dozen or so a week, I use Joes Email framework: It’s a bit buggy in places, but no more (in fact less) than most of them, many costing loads more. It is very powerful, and within the restrictions of HTML that works in email clients, it’s very powerful. You just need to test elaborate designs to test they work in clients like Outlook etc.

I’ve been using Joes Email stacks since they launch, maybe 2 years now? And once you work out what works out of the box and what requires a workaround, I’d have to say it’s about the best platform for making HTML newsletters within and without Rapidweaver.

Does Joe Workman’s email stack require Foundation, Foundry or another Framework?

No. it is its own framework. Comes with own suite of stacks, theme, etc.

My email marketing page is woefully out of date, but you can see a few examples of the types of newsletters possible with it.

Yes,I have used Mailshot from DooBox, which is a regular Mac App and nothing to do with RapidWeaver. Works very well AFAIK for simple emails. -

I used to use MJML which was very powerful, buy came to the conclusion that just because you could add Hero images, web fonts, columns, etc. to emails, that it was all unnecessary and a better approach was to keep it simple, which Mailshot does.

I know this is an old thread, but wanted to ask if there is an easy way to insert html emails into outlook 2019 which my client uses?
I am usually not doing html email stuff, but was asked by a client to help with his christmas / new year email that he wants to send out in December.

I could prepare the email in mailshot or with help of joes email suite.
do not need fancy stuff, but key is, that the client can send it from his outlook 2019 machine.

or does it make sense to install e.g. thunderbird just for sending out this single Christmas html email??

How many emails is the list he wants to send to?

I don’t know. I guess like 100.
maybe 200 maximum!

they came up with the idea to send their xmas cards, which has been printed in the past, as a jpeg this year…
Since I suggested to send it as a html email, I have the problem of dealing with outlook and the front desk girl who seems to have 2 left hands ;)

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If you send them in batches, maybe 30 at a time, you should be ok. Anymore and I’d be worried about the domain in the email address getting black listed.

How you get html into outlook… I’ve no idea. Outlook is a horrible email client!

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thank you @stevebfor replying to my questions!
I am not sure if I was able to make clear the problem I have, so once again the question which remains is:
what exactly needs to be done in/with outlook 2019 in order to insert and send out the html email I have prepared using by doobox?
I did some tests from my Mac using the email client of my choice (postbox) - and all works fine.
But the client needs to be able to send the emails from his machine which only offers outlook 2019 - and I do not have a clue about outlook 2019 and the client is 100km away from my location…

I assume you’ve done this?

Seems to be loads of online guides.

yes of course, but this topic (outlook+html) is pretty confusing…
I was searching for a rock solid step by step tutorial. none of what I found so far was really convincing. will dig a little deeper…

That tells you it’s something best not attempted! At least, that would be my take on it.

Outlook is a terrible email client for HTML. Really terrible. MS themselves know this, it’s why they strongly suggest you only ever load the plain text version and then click “view web version” to see the HTML version. This is not incoming emails. I suspect it’s handling out going HTML emails to be even worse.

The only thing really you can do is build the newsletter and test test test it yourself, before handing over to the client, by which time you’ll have worked out how best to do it, then you can instruct the client accordingly.

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I always setup my clients now with either a free “sendinblue” account or free “Mailpoet” account. Both have email template builders, can handle transactional emails, and won’t get you Blacklisted for sending out “bulk emails” from your personal email account…


Since I do not have a windows pc nor outlook my test capabilities are very much limited ;)

It’s up to my client to test with there outlook… if I only knew where/how my html code needs to be inserted… from what google told me it is not as simple as on a Mac…

thanks, will look into these options…

do you know if its possible to use my own html code or am I tied to given templates offered by these postals?

sendinblue uses a “drag and drop” editor to create the emails. They do have a “developer mode” where you can edit the underlying code to some degree, but it uses “YAML” and is not really a true HTML editor - details here

You mention that you used Mailshot. Mr DooBox’s email App creates HTML code to paste into whatever system you are using. In your case you should just save the HTML code into a file called something like file.txt.

Then find an Outlook user to follow the simple guidance here - using the file.txt to import into Outlook.

I would think that your bigger issue is whether any Outlook users who receive the email in Outlook, would see it in the way it was intended to be viewed.

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Thank you @Webdeersign!
ok, I see - mailshot offers me “save as html” - but I assume that I just need to change the suffix in order to insert the code in outlook. good to know.

My mail is really very simple. Mailshot is really nice for what I want to achieve.
I did a test and sent the html email from my Mac to my clients outlook. and it appeared to be ok.
despite the fact that my clients needs to click an image to trigger outlook to actually load all the images.
not sure if this is the default setting in outlook.