HTML Email Stack

Looking for a stack to facilitate the creation of html emails…

Doobox make a free one, never used it myself, but I know a few who do and love it.

Saying that, I’m not sure what it’s called and can’t see anything obvious on his site: @Webdeersign uses it so maybe he can help.

I make HTML newsletters for clients, typically half a dozen or so a week, I use Joes Email framework: It’s a bit buggy in places, but no more (in fact less) than most of them, many costing loads more. It is very powerful, and within the restrictions of HTML that works in email clients, it’s very powerful. You just need to test elaborate designs to test they work in clients like Outlook etc.

I’ve been using Joes Email stacks since they launch, maybe 2 years now? And once you work out what works out of the box and what requires a workaround, I’d have to say it’s about the best platform for making HTML newsletters within and without Rapidweaver.

Does Joe Workman’s email stack require Foundation, Foundry or another Framework?

No. it is its own framework. Comes with own suite of stacks, theme, etc.

My email marketing page is woefully out of date, but you can see a few examples of the types of newsletters possible with it.

Yes,I have used Mailshot from DooBox, which is a regular Mac App and nothing to do with RapidWeaver. Works very well AFAIK for simple emails. -

I used to use MJML which was very powerful, buy came to the conclusion that just because you could add Hero images, web fonts, columns, etc. to emails, that it was all unnecessary and a better approach was to keep it simple, which Mailshot does.