"I don't need a website, I use FB". Ya, but FB is now broken!

The phrase “I don’t need a website, I use FB” was all the rage a year ago, I heard it from a few prospects, still hear it from time to time, but given that FB now seems to be permanently broken, and that many are waking up to the fact that to get seen on FB costs, now seems the perfect time to get the message out there that actually, you do need a website.

Anyone agree/disagree?

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In my opinion, Facebook is only a good match for ignorant people (like adolescents) who either don’t know or don’t care about the fact that FB is raping them shamelessly all the time. If one cares just one bit about their privacy, they should stay away. And besides, what a total waste of time!

Facebook has been designed and programmed to be digital gangsters by nature. Without this characteristic built-in, there would be no 17 billion dollars revenue a quarter. It is not nearly enough to fine them billions of dollars, or break them down into smaller units. They will always find new ways to screw the public. They need to be BANNED altogether…

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… and Google as well !

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Sure it makes sense. Would be a good marketing message: “move your FB pages to your own website and be in control of your data”


This wasn’t really intended to discuss the merits of FB, but the merits of using the present ongoing issues FB has to convert clients.

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I would say on this side of the pond, the adolescent’s use of Fb has dropped dramatically especially among the younger kids. As the father of three kids ranging from the 20 to 30 - they no longer use Facebook, and neither do most of their friends. Surprisingly, when I mention the privacy aspect, that doesn’t seem to be an issue at all - they tell me that most people their age are not the least bit worried about the reams of data Google, Fb, et. al., are collecting. They don’t seem to like the fact that their parents are all on Fb. So - they’ve moved to Instagram and Snapchat. At least that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

I’ve recently talked a couple of clients with websites into opening up Facebook accounts. Reason being that they can then easily be tagged - and then their website discovered. For example, a guy with a home remodeling business was not on Fb for the longest time, and when people would ask for recommendations, it was impossible to tag his company. Now, it’s a piece of cake.

The ones who need to be convinced they need a website, rather than relying on Facebook are probably the ones you will regret taking on as clients.


I live in a small community of about 2000 people and FB has become the place to announce info, discuss issues and generally hang out.

I think it is not be be dismissed so quickly.

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From a sales / marketing point of view it is going down hill fast - Instagram and Snap Chat are where advertising money is increasingly going.

Interestingly, our village recently moved off FB as so many of the residents were fed up at their business practices etc etc.

They have all moved onto https://nextdoor.co.uk/ now as their primary outlet to report a dog barking on Station Road!

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This weeks summary email just came and to give you an idea of what a radical exciting place our village is, here is the top post !! I can barely contain myself.



@alixnotes Why not start Alixbook for your local community instead?, lots of small places in the UK that need a community building, lots of back scratching to be done, that FB can’t reach.

@tav that’s the problem. Too busy buying 911’s when you could be lining curtains.


I hadn’t heard of that before. I signed up and found 15 people from here on it.

Maybe I’ll try and get more folk. Thanks Tav

Explain please @MikeN. - Alixbook? Have I missed your meaning maybe?

Now worries - I’m therefore assuming your curtains are just a tad long :)

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Start your own community website.

You have to walk away or slam the phone down when you hear this. You will never convince these people otherwise, and to be fair to many of them, FB works better than anything else. Data privacy is of no concern to active FB users and just because Fred West pops around to shorten your curtains, he will still get enough amazeballs thumbs ups from other FB users.

It also doesn’t matter if it is broken, because the type of people who rely on FB will not appreciate the implications of FB not working.

FB is bit like the Yellow Pages of our times, where there are enough punters to keep this type of business advertising alive and productive.


Well it’s really kicking off this week. Honestly, it’s getting like the Bronx


Sound like Dogging talk to me. Er apparently.

The country I live in is not listed on Nextdoor. Bugger.