Iconic Gallery Stack Update 1.1.0

Hello everyone,

I’m glad 😀 being able to release a new product after a long time: The next generation photo gallery for remote hosted images 🎉

Of course you may think now: again a photo stack? Boring 🥱

But no, I think it’s quite unique, avaiable for both Stacks and Blocs:

  • Automatic thumbnail generation for faster display
  • New cool grid and lightbox styles
  • Preview galleries inside Stacks and Blocs
  • Repository Manager integration
  • JPEG, WEBP, GIF, PNG support
  • Splider Integration
  • Works in Poster 2 😅

For the next update I plan improved captions and (optional) automatic WEBP image generation 🪄

You cannot have enough gallery stacks in your pocket 😉

I am also currently running a summer sale: use code SUMMERSALE23 for a 20% discount on all Stacks and Brics, valid until end of July.

Cheers 🍻


Hi Jannis,
looks cool.
What is the difference to Gallery Stack 3 and why do you write

  • Arbeitet perfekt zusammen mit Repository Manager, Gallery Stack 3 und Splider Stack ?
    Isn’t Iconic Gallery a stand alone gallery?

Thanks for elaborating,

It is a standalone gallery.

In regards to differences to Gallery 3

  • thumbnails creation
  • advanced grids
  • works wir Poster 2 (which wasn’t the case for Gallery 3 and FTP directory integration)
  • preview of galleries inside RW
  • Splider Integration

And if you think of switching to blocs, the same sort of gallery can be used there. You never know.

I see … i was thinking of possibly using Gallery 3 in such a context (though I never tried until now). So, if one wants to use an image gallery via a link to a folder inside Poster 2, that will not work. However, idividually linked remote images of course will.

If one wants to be able to change images e.g. in a Poster 2 page item simply via uploading different images, that then will require the ‘Iconic Gallery’ ….good to know.

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Exactly, for this use case you need Iconic Gallery.

Can highly recommend Iconic stack! Such a simple way to add a galleries of images to your Stacks projects. To back that statement up I have a FREE Source Plus demo file available that showcases its use with Source and Splider.

The integration with Splider is particularly nice as it really increases the options available to you in terms of displaying your gallery images.

Preview project | Download project

As a bonus…alongside inStack’s sale you can get 20% off Splider or Source Addons with the code iconic20.


Wow, that is absolutely stunning! Thank you so much, Stuart, for making this incredible project available. And a big shoutout to Jannis for putting together such a beautiful stack. I’m beyond excited for the chance to make it useful for someone.


Update to 1.1.0 for an improved Splider integration and choice between thumb or full image display inside grid or slider.


Great update. Thanks @jannis

The improved Splider implementation makes it a bit more flexible and efficient. One thing you can now do that you couldn’t before is manually add slides alongside the slides generated by Iconic - which could be useful to e.g. set up an introductory slide etc. I’ve updated the project file to demo this and to make a couple of other improvements to the project. I also added in a background slider (also fed by Iconic) for the header section.

demo | download


Hi, one question…
Can Iconic Gallery work on Apple Shared Albums?
Because Photo Stream will be closed on July 26, 2023… from the demo iCloud | Iconic Gallery is Photo Stream

Iconic Gallery is able to display the photos of (public) shared albums.

Great thanks.

I’m just sorry I was late for the SUMMER SALE… but I didn’t know about the ICONIC stack

Try again, I extended the validity 😉

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Got it on the fly… and installed, thank you very much.

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I’ve noticed that on mobile, in the Iconic Gallery Stack lightbox, the images are very small and don’t fill the screen

Is there the possibility, even with a custom CSS, to enlarge images like Gallery3?

Sure, give me some time and let me have a look.

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I selected in Lightbox: Baguette Box,
it’s perfect like this.
I hadn’t seen it before…
You don’t have to make any changes it’s perfect as it is now.
Thanks, this stack is great.

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I’m having a problem with the generated thumbnails when using @habitualshaker 's “Clean blog (Poster 2)” theme and Iconic Gallery stack… especially using Masonry (which is what I would like to use).

In practice, the generated thumbnails do not take into account the maximum height, as if it didn’t work.

The gutter, to better understand I’ll give an example, setting 10px, in mobile devices it’s perfect, but in the desktop the thumbnails are all overlapping … to display the spacing of the thumbnails well in the desktop I have to set 50px, but in the furniture they are too spaced .

Using Justifiel, the max height works but for the Gutter I have to set a minimum of 50px otherwise the thumbnails overlap and unfortunately the thumbnails on the right and left sides are cropped.

There is something in “Clean blog (Poster 2)” that makes this happen, because it is only here that it happens.

But I don’t understand why, I can’t solve it…

Masonry do not take account the max. height. Because that logic just don’t work together.

Please share a link where this issue is visible.


Also - make sure you have the latest version of Source installed. I made a couple of tweaks a release or so ago to improve how it worked with Iconic galleries.

If that doesn’t help then as @Jannis says we would need a link to be able to check.