iMac rebooting and rebooting

I need some help understanding what’s going on with my old iMac mid 2011 that cycles through rebooting and the grey screen, going black, and rebooting again endlessly? It has an SSD that I swapped out few years back, but if possible, would like to make it useable. Any ideas??

You need to try and boot into safe mode. Here is an article that may get you started. I would also go on Apples support site, they are usually helpful

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Thank, I tried booting into safe mode, got the apple logo and chose an external drive to Boot up, but again, a grey screen. Is this the graphics card that’s blown??

Possibly, or your mother board (logic board). I had a mac mini do this and it was the motehrboard. Depending on your model it may have the integrated GPU on that board.

Its a 21.5“ mid 2011 Imac and its not integrated
I was thinking to take it apart and replace the Graphics card, but it looks too difficult

You would need to remove the screen to get to the guts of an iMac. From what I have heard, getting it back on is the real issue.