Images showing in Library while in the stack view

Images of all my websites and all resources off eg Jack stack - showing in the stack library - so cluttered never had this can anyone help me?

Try this:

Go into your Stacks preferences, click on the Library tab and de-select Images on the list like this:

This is also the same place where you can turn-off other library groups you do not want shown.

Thanks for your reply - But its not icon on the side - the images are between the stacks

Looks like you forgot this one:

Thx - That was the one -I must have clicktivists on this one by accident…

Please look closely and carefully compare your screenshot to mine.

In Top stack group you have still got Include Images checked, when it should be unchecked.

I have drawn a red box round it, so it is clearer for you to see what I am trying to draw your attention towards:


Try unchecking this.

If you see no immediate difference, then you may need to restart RapidWeaver and allow Stacks to rebuild its library again.

Library Groups refers to what get shown in the lefthand sidebar, where you see the orange hand, red car and green shopping trolley.

Top stack group (which I’m bringing your attention towards) refers to all the stacks shown in the main stack group - the one you circled at the top left above the wine glass icon.

Thx - That was the one -I must have clicked on this one by accident…

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Good to hear, please mark my reply as a solution to help others.