Importing from a SQL database

There is a news area in this website: The content comes from a SQL-Database. I would recommend a blog solution like TotalBlog instead of that, but is there any solution to bring the content from the SQL database into a RapidWeaver page?

It would be possible to generate text files from that for use inside Poster Stack markdown integration.

Of course a complete manual process.

Is it a Wordpress Installation?

It must run as an automatic import. And no, it is no Wordpress Installation. The website is a Joomla page, but I do not know much about the database wich delivers the content for the news

Permanently or once?

Should done permanently

You could set up a script in Python 3, either to scrape the website once or you connect to the database and get from there the information with a script

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Yep. As @Sharky said, that’s possible with scripting.

If it’s permanent, it might be better to develop a stack loading the content and displaying it as a blog.

How’s the content getting into the database?