In praise of Paysnap

Other than building a freebie project for Template repo using paysnap at the start of lockdown I’ve not had too much experience with it. I did work out it was pretty good when making that freebie project, but until you use something for one of your own projects you never really get a proper feel for it.

Today I had the need to fire up a quick store for a client to sell half a dozen products, so figured it was time to give it a proper try. And it’s really bloody good.

The store isn’t 100% sone yet, I still need to clean it up a bit, but it’s here:

I wasn’t sure about one aspect of Paysnap so posted this on the RW forum, but tonight I’ve managed to answer the question myself.

There were a few other “oh, I really need Paysnap to do this” but after a bit of reading the manual I soon realised a solution was baked in. In short, Paysnap is a really well rounded solution for a small online store.

Hats off to Mr. @yabdab he’s done a great job.


Thanks @steveb ! Your shop looks great. 😁

Nice. Looks really good.

Thanks Rob. I’m presently building it out into what is becoming a pretty well featured “drag-n-drop” project, so far for Foundry and UIkit, soon for Source too. The idea is users can simple add the entire project to their own site and have a fully functioning Paysnap powered store all setup and ready to accept product.

@yabdab I’m stuck on one area of the new project and have sent you a support request to see if you have any ideas.


Store looks great. Does Paysnap handle digital downloads and does it do all the EU compliant stuff?

Can’t comment on digital downloads, don’t think so, but @yabdab is the man to answer that one. As for EU compliance… You mean SCA? In testing, I put through a few real transactions (using Stripe Live keys) and I got no non-compliant warnings, so I’m gonna say it’s good to go.

I had a look at the product page and it doesn’t look like it. I think that’s the incentive to go for Cartloom (which obviously has the monthly fee).

Cartloom is free? Really? That’s new!

There are plenty of “buy-once” solutions out there for digital.

@Bazza - Paysnap does not handle digital downloads ( but Cartloom does ). Stripe and PayPal handle all the SCA compliance on their end.

@steveb - The Cartloom free “Play” plan allows you to test out Cartloom service . It does not allow actual payments however. This plan has been available for many months now. To actually make money a Plus or Pro plan is required.

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Paysnap is obviously not for me at the moment, but I do own Formloom 3 and Go CMS. The reliability, stability and quality of both are exemplary.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Yabdab to any fellow RW user.